Charlie Murphy’s Funniest Moments On Film + TV

It is with a heavy heart that we reported the news of Charlie Murphy‘s passing due to leukemia. The comedian, screenwriter, father and older brother to Eddie Murphy was able to turn his experiences into comedic gold. From his escapades with Prince and Rick James to growing up with his brother Eddie — Charlie was able to take those moments and create some of the most hilarious moments on television and on the big screen.

Charlie, a veteran ever since the ’80s (he co-wrote Vampire in Brooklyn and Norbit), gave some of comedy’s best moments when he joined the cast of Chappelle’s Showand played memorable characters like Tyree (“Mad Real World”), Buck Nasty (“The Playa Haters’ Club”) and, of course, as himself as the storyteller du jour for the “Charlie Murphy: True Hollywood Stories” sketch.

To pay homage to the man who impacted the culture so greatly, we highlight some of Charlie Murphy’s funniest moments to hit the big and small screens in the last 20 years. Enjoy!


As MC Gusto, Charlie added a layer of believable street to this N.W.A. parody film, which starred Chris Rock.

The Player’s Club

Using that same gangsta element, Charlie was able to shine amongst fellow comic legend, Bernie Mac, on the hood classic The Player’s Club.

Roll Bounce

“Dat boy got stretch pants” is still sung by those who have Bow Wow‘s Roll Bounce on DVD. Thank you Charlie!


Co-written by the Murphy brothers, Eddie linked up with his older brother for the rom-com Norbit, where Charlie voiced the character of Lloyd the Dog.

Lottery Ticket

Even though most would say that Lottery Ticket was a flop, Charlie helped to add some comedic relief as the hood barber slash gossiper known as Semaj (James backwards).

Black Jesus

Aaron McGruder added some true magic to his cast when he asked Charlie Murphy to join his live-action comedy, Black Jesus. Charlie and John Witherspoon had great comedic timing together.

The Playa Haters’ Club – Chappelle’s Show

A classic sketch not really referenced by those who instead focus on the “True Hollywood Stories”. “The Playa Haters’ Club” showed off Charlie’s innate roasting ability honed from years of playing the Dozens with his family in Queens, New York.

The Boondocks

Before Black Jesus, Charlie voiced the character of Ed Wuncler III on Aaron McGruder’s award-winning animated series, The Boondocks. Alongside Samuel L. Jackson, these two would shine together as memorable characters.

Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Story – Rick James

Without any further ado, the story that put Charlie on the map for some people. His retelling of his friendship with the late, great Rick James is bittersweet now, but we hope these two are cracking funny bones together in a divine place.

Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Story – Prince

“Game, blouses,” will forever be funny thanks to Charlie Murphy’s vivid recounting of his time spent with The Purple One. It is crazy to think that Charlie, gone on Apr. 12, and Prince, gone on Apr. 21, will be forever linked by this memory.

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