Daredevils Climb the Eiffel Tower Without Any Harnesses


A madcap duo recently managed to slip past security at the Eiffel Tower with the intent to scale the 984-foot structure. 22-year-old Ivan Kuznetsov and 20-year-old Aliham had presumably slept inside the tower and in the following morning, the two men commenced their ascension. Of course, a daring feat like this needed to be documented so a third fellow remained on the ground to maneuver a drone. There were also cameras fastened to the helmets of the climbers that captured their tantalizing scale up the structure.

Getaway deals website Travel Ticker promoted the vertigo-inducing showcase, but cautioned other folks that they could be arrested and fined for mimicking the stunt (although, they aren’t the first to climb the tower). Nonetheless, watch the thrilling video above from the safety of your computer chair.

c/o Yahoo News


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